In a dwarfsecond

In un nanosecondo.
(inviata da Emiliano B)


3 risposte a "In a dwarfsecond"

  1. The nearest American English equivalents to this would be perhaps:

    “In a heartbeat” (general American)

    “In a New York minute” (regional, southern US)

    Your very literal translation “in a dwarf second” sounds very silly to a native English speaker. Don't you really want idiomatic translations, not literal?

    Mi piace

  2. For example, “tanto fumo, niente arrosto” is a great Italian expression. Literally translated into English, it's not quite right
    all smoke, no roast meat”. However, the english idomtaic translation would be perhaps:

    “He's all talk” (general US)

    “All hat, no cattle” (regional US, Texas or western states)

    So doing idiomatic transaltions like this woul dbe very interetsing and very useful. I think. I would be happy to help.

    Mi piace


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